Ultrasonic Cake and Sweet Cutting Machine

The Ultrasonic Sweet and Cake Cutting Machine is an ideal solution for cutting sticky, jelly-like products, as well as both hard and delicate items. The touch control panel is fully programmable, and the machine can cut with or without a container. The ultrasonic blade on this slicer prevents the product from sticking to the blade, resulting in clean and precise cuts for each slice.

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Machine Type

  • Automatic Ultrasonic Cutting Machine
  • Constructed with food-grade stainless steel, the machine meets hygiene standards and ensures longevity
  • The surfaces are designed to be easy to clean, maintaining optimal food safety

Technical Specifications

  • Energy-efficient motors and components contribute to cost savings.
  • The machine offers options for single-phase or three-phase power supply, accommodating various power requirements.

Key Features

  • The Automatic Ultrasonic Conveyor Cake and Sweet Cutting Machine utilizes ultrasonic cutting technology for precise and clean cuts.
  • It features variable cutting speed control, allowing for different types of cakes and sweets to be cut with optimal precision.
  • The machine is equipped with a high-quality ultrasonic cutting blade that ensures durability and efficiency.
  • Blade replacement and maintenance are made easy, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
  • The cutting width is adjustable, accommodating various cake and sweet sizes.
  • Its high throughput and fast cutting speeds make it well-suited for commercial production.
  • The machine features a user-friendly touchscreen interface, enabling easy operation.
  • It offers programmable cutting patterns and presets, allowing for versatile usage with different products.

Additional Features

  • Safety is prioritized with an emergency stop button for operator protection.
  • The machine includes overload protection to prevent damage.
  • Safety sensors are provided to ensure operator well-being.
  • The machine’s compact design optimizes floor space in the production area.
  • Customizable dimensions are available to fit specific manufacturing requirements.
  • Easy access is provided for cleaning and maintenance purposes.
  • A regular maintenance schedule and user manual are provided for guidance.
Note: Specifications can be customized based on your manufacturing goals, target market, and budget. Working closely with a reputable manufacturer or supplier ensures the machine meets your specific requirements.
**Warranty: Manufacturer’s warranty with responsive customer support.

World Class Ultrasonic Food Cutters Standard Cutting Station Model: Ultra 6060

Technical Specifications

  • Working area: 600×600 mm
  • Fitted with 2 nos of  300 mm blades.
  • Suitable to cut Indian sweets, Turkish sweets, cakes, breads, jellies etc
  • Programmable touch control panel to save up to 45 programs
  • Can cut square, rectangular, triangle, diamond, vedges, etc.,
  • 3/5 axis servo enabled for accurate cutting
  • Easy and one-touch operation for quick access.

World Class Ultrasonic Food Cutters Standard Round Cake Cutting System Model: Ultra Rc- 30/2

Technical Specifications

  • Specially designed to slice vedges from round cakes
  • Gives an accurate and perfect slicing
  • Easy to cut, given no of slices quickly
  • Fitted with 2 blades of 300mm synchronized with individual turn table
  • Works simultaneously with given measurements and counts.
  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • Suitable for artisan bakeries with moderate volume
  • Easy operation
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