Upgrade To State-of-the-Art Equipment

Upgrade To State-of-the-Art Equipment

Automated Food Production Units

Welcome to Innovative Baking Solutions, where we’re passionate about helping you take your bakery to the next level. Our top-of-the-line machinery covers every aspect of the baking process, from mixing and kneading to shaping and decorating. With our innovative solutions, you’ll have everything you need to create the perfect baked goods.

Whether you’re a small, family-owned bakery or a large commercial operation, our machinery is designed to meet your unique needs. We offer a wide range of options to fit every budget and production level so that you can find the right equipment.

Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

The Ultrasonic Sweet and Cake Cutting Machine is an ideal solution for cutting sticky, jelly-like products, as well as both hard and delicate items. It can cut through a variety of desserts, and more. The touch control panel is fully programmable, and the machine can cut with or without a container. The ultrasonic blade on this slicer prevents the product from sticking to the blade, resulting in clean and precise cuts for each slice.
Upgrade your slicing game with the Ultrasonic Cutting Machine!

Automatic Ultrasonic Conveyor- Tailor-Made Cake and Sweet Cutting Machine Line

The Automatic Ultrasonic Conveyor-Type Sweet and Cake Cutting Machine is a versatile solution designed for cutting a wide range of products, hard and delicate ones. This machine is specifically designed to cut through various Indian sweets, cakes, chikkies, and more with precision and ease.
Versatile cutting solution for all your goody!

Cake Slicer

This cake slicer is a game-changer for bakers and pastry chefs, ensuring evenly sliced cakes without any messy aftermath. The Cake Slicer is designed to make slicing cakes, burger buns, and other baked goods quick and easy, equipped with safety features for safe and efficient operation.
Slice like a pro with our game-changing cake slicer!

Kubus Portioning Unit

The Kubus Portioning Unit is a simple and efficient system designed to cut kubus into pieces quickly. With two cutting stations, it boasts a high output of approximately 20,000 pieces per hour.
Experience the convenience Kubus Portioning Unit!

Compact Hand-Dosing Robot

The Compact Hand-Dosing Robot is a versatile dosing unit designed for filling creams, custards, jams, mayonnaise, chutneys, and more. It offers accurate and fast dosing, making it ideal for various applications.
Elevate your dosing experience today!

Automatic Idli Dropping Machine

The Automatic Idli Dropping Machine is a state-of-the-art solution for efficient and hygienic idli production. With its precise idli-dropping mechanism and touch screen control, it offers a seamless and customizable production process. The compact size and high production rate make it suitable for both commercial and large-scale production. The machine’s hygienic design ensures the safety and quality of the idlis, making it a reliable choice for businesses in the food industry.
Idli production made easy, efficient and super-fast!

Automatic Chocolate Shaver Machine

The Automatic Chocolate Shaver Machine is a state-of-the-art solution for precise and effortless chocolate shaving. Made of food-grade stainless steel, this machine is safe and durable. It offers adjustable shaving thickness and a high-speed motor for customized results and efficient operation. The digital control panel allows for easy settings and monitoring, while safety features ensure accident-free operation. Its compact design saves space in any kitchen setup, and easy-to-clean components simplify maintenance.

Upgrade to effortless chocolate shaving at your fingertips!

Crumbs Pressing Machine

The Crumbs Pressing Machine is a specialized system designed for pressing crumbs into large tarts and tartlets. It is the perfect solution for creating beautifully shaped pies, cheesecakes, and other baked goods.
Elevate your baking creations to the next level!

Batter Transfer Pump Cum Depositor - BF5

The BF5 is a high-performance pump and depositing machine designed for accurate and efficient batter deposition. With its unique feature of depositing directly from a mixing bowl, container, or pail, it eliminates the need for time-consuming filling of the hopper. Hygiene is a top priority, and the BF5 is designed for easy cleanability. Equipped with a hose and handgun, the BF5 is ideal for producing individual products such as muffins, cupcakes, desserts, and more. It is capable of processing all kinds of (semi)-liquid masses, ensuring versatile functionality.
Accurate batter deposition for perfect products!
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