A machine where sophistication and technology combines. The masterpiece, in MIMAC ranges, delivers cookies in a fully enjoyable way with fillings. DOBLE DROP can work with stationary dropping nozzles, rotory, wire cut, pump head attachments fro cup cakes, bean drops, swiss rolls ,etc, and with its specially designed double head pump stations, can additionally fill liquid jams, fruit sauses into the cookies and also top the cookies and biscuits with cream , jam and other fillings.


  • Dosing unit rollers type for hard pastries with stainless steel rollers, extractable and completely knockdown for the correct cleaning of the parts in touch with the dough.
  • Couple of hopper adaptors for soft pastries.
  • Rotary mould and two sets of bronze nozzles.
  • Wire-cut mould standard shape.
  • Dosing unit gears pump type for fluid pastries.
  • Moulds for the production of sponge cake, plum cakes, muffins, lady’s fingers, madeleines, etc..
  • Bronze multiple nozzles.

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